Selling Tips

Price your home to sell quickly

Price is one of the most important aspects in a rapid sale. The right price for your house is essential, yet it can frequently be challenging to establish. Although you may have an ideal price in mind, be sure it is reasonable given the cost of comparable properties in the neighbourhood to avoid unintentionally alienating potential buyers.
Although annual analyses of property values are common, prices can shift significantly month to month, frequently with spikes and declines in various Australian regions.

Choose the Right Time to Sell Your Property

It might not be possible to wait for the best time to sell if you need to sell right away. But if you can hold off until the proper time, your home might sell more quickly than if you market it right away.
When the moment is ideal for your particular home may depend on a variety of circumstances. Typically, your neighbourhood will have a significant impact on this. You’ll probably sell more quickly if your neighbourhood is a seller’s market than if it’s a buyer’s market. When is a good time to place your property on the market might also depend on the seasons.

Top Advice for Selling Quickly 

A home must be priced fairly, presented attractively, and aggressively advertised in order to sell quickly. These three considerations will help you position yourself for success right away. 

The following best practises should aid in a speedy sale, especially when used at the right time of year and market. If all goes according to plan, you might discover that these straightforward, affordable tactics help you make a sale in as little as seven days.

1. Housekeeping

Making a house appear decent is the first step in getting it ready for the open market. De-cluttering, cleaning, and home repair tasks are involved. 

2. De-cluttering

Before deciding if a house is perfect for them, prospective purchasers want to view every nook and corner in it. Your home will be pared down to its necessities and won’t be cluttered, which could turn off potential buyers. 

Instead of stuffing everything into closets and dressers, think about renting a storage space. Full-to-the-brim personal items in storage will not be well received by prospective buyers. They’ll probably think there isn’t enough storage and it’s difficult to stay organised.

3. Organizing 

Take advantage of the chance to perform a thorough cleaning once your home is clutter-free. Your home needs to sparkle to sell fast, and accumulated dirt and grime will take away from this. To make the space as bright as possible, scrub the walls, baseboards, windows, and fixtures. Steam clean the carpets as well. A simple coat of paint can do wonders if everything else fails.

4. Home Improvements

If you want to sell your house quickly, you might not have much time for upkeep and repair work. However, the more you can do, the more appealing your home will appear on open house day and the more likely you are to quickly receive the perfect offer. 

Attempt to complete as many jobs as you can, such as: 

  • fixing any damaged items, such as broken cabinet doors, shutters, and blinds 
  • repairing any dated or worn-out paintwork 
  • all burnt-out or inefficient light bulbs with bright, high-wattage replacements 
  • replacing worn-out, outdated cabinet doors with new, contemporary ones 
  • renovating wooden flooring 
  • changing outdated light fixtures for new ones 
  • repair any damaged electrical wiring

5. Stage Your Home 

After your house is spotless and runs well, it’s time to think about staging. This is when a new set of eyes can be helpful because you might not be able to see where changes can be made. On open house day, it’s important to view the home through the eyes of potential buyers. 

What impression or emotion do you want them to have as they enter the property? 

Janne Petrie, co-principal of Sydney-based Staging Professionals, claims that staging a home in Australia yields a 500% return on investment. This implies that a $2000 investment in home staging may result in a $10,000 boost in the value of your home.

6. Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property 

Your top goal when it comes to freshening up your house should be kerb appeal. When your home is listed and at an open house, prospective buyers will first see the exterior. If the exterior of your house isn’t well-presented, potential buyers may decide to pass it up in favour of another property. 

Your best chance of attracting potential buyers to your open house is to prioritise the exterior of your home before the interior if you are short on time. Of course, you should put as much effort into the interior as well, but perfecting your outside is crucial.